05-08th June 2019
Montenegro, Budva
Hotel Mogren

4th Maintenance Forum 2019

About Maintenance Forum 2019

The Forum is considered a top priority meeting and discussion point for the technical and scientific community of maintenance and asset management, promoting sustainable solutions and a healthy business environment. The Forum will bring together people from different countries, sectors, industries, business environments and cultures.

This event will address important issues of maintenance community with purpose to stimulate opinion, discussion, challenges and solutions. With that said, it represents a unique opportunity to learn from the best, on how to turn maintenance and reliability into key motivators for sustainability and profitability of a company in a global market.

Forty-fourth scientific conference Maintenance of Machinery and Equipment (OMO 2019) will be held as part of the international Maintenance Forum 2019.

It doesn’t matter how experienced one is in maintenance - there is something here for everyone and always more than expected. Maintenance professionals from across the region will acquaint themselves with the latest technical developments in the area of maintenance and industrial servicing as well as measurement, control technologies and environmental control.

Maintenance Forum 2019 participants are business leaders, decision-makers, domestic and foreign experts!


Topics will include the latest developments and guidelines in the field of maintenance of technical systems and manufacturing engineering, while special attention will be dedicated to Maintenance and Industry 4.0. All papers will be peer-reviewed, which guarantees high quality of information and the possibility of their direct application.
We will be focused on the following topics:

Papers that discuss real case studies are highly recommended. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Maintenance 4.0

  • The Industrial Internet of Things and the Internet of Condition MonitoringTM
  • Asset Data Management
  • Smart Tools, Drones and Robotics for Maintenance
  • The connected Maintenance Technician
  • Smart Maintenance Supply Chain

Maintenance & Reliability fundamentals

  • Maintenance planning
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Integrated maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Simulation and optimisation of maintenance operations
  • Asset Condition Monitoring & Management
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Technician Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Health and Safety aspects & impacts
  • Public companies

Asset Management

  • Asset Performance Management: KPIs, Benchmarking, Financial reporting, PDCA
  • Asset Portfolio Management: Life Cycle Management, Life Cycle Cost optimization, Asset investment & decommissioning decision taking
  • Managing Risks associated with operating assets: integrity, compliance, operational safety
  • ISO 55000: ISO 55001 & 55002 and the anticipated ISO 55010 & ISO 55011


Friends of the Forum

Technical Systems Maintenance Society

Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development

University of Belgrade
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering